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Types of Hook and Loop Fasteners

Have you ever wondered if the hook and loop fastener you are using is the best product for your application? The hook and loop fastener has multiple variations and types to fit specific requirements or applications. Product descriptions and applications can help guide you to the best fastener for your application.

Heat Activated

Adhesive that is recommended for applications in which a more permanent bond is required. The adhesive is dry to the touch and becomes tacky upon activation by RF welding or ironing.

Adhesive Backed

Rubber Based : Pressure sensitive adhesive that is suited for indoor applications or room temperature applications which allows for good adhesion to low surface energy substrates.

Acrylic Based : Pressure sensitive adhesive has good adhesion to most metal and medium-high surface energy plastics as well as offering good shear strength and environmental resistance.

Dual Lock Hook™

Re-closable fasteners with strong bonds of 3M™ VHB™ acrylic foam tape combined with a proprietary snap-locking system to deliver a re-closable fastener that locks into place and provides holding power five times stronger than conventional hook and loop.

Molded Hook

Made of 100% nylon, this is a low pile plastic hook that is lightweight and can attach via sew-on, ultrasonic welding or adhesive backing.

Mushroom Hook

Features mushroom-shaped stems which are very powerful and have a lower cycle closure which allows for extremely high peel and shear strength.


Fastener made of woven nylon with both hooks and loops intermixed on a single surface allowing for interchangeable use which is useful within application requiring low peel strength.


Fabricated straps that incorporate the use of multiple types of fasteners including hook and loop.

Un-Napped Loop

Loop fastener consisting of a series of unbroken loops which allows the loop to last longer over time and is useful in applications in which the required peel strength is low.

Elasticated Loop

100% Nylon loop with the ability to stretch which provides excellent tensile strength for peeling and is compatible with hook fasteners.

Knit Loop

100% Nylon high pile loop fabric for applications requiring wide loop. Knit Loop is compatible with hook fasteners.

Double-Faced Loop

Extra soft loop that is breathable, flexible, and eliminates abrasiveness against the skin.


Woven napped or un-napped loop that is wrapped in a light weight tricot fabric.

Back to Back

Woven hook or loop back to back by adhesive.

Foam Backed Loop

Foam that is covered with loop material.

100% Polyester

Woven hook and loop made of 100% polyester.


Sew-On or Adhesive backed hook and loop cut into coins of various sizes.

Die Cut Pieces

Hook or Loop cut into a specific shape.

Cut Pieces

Hook or Loop cut to a specific length.

Mated Pieces

Hook and Loop that is pre-mated with adhesive backing then cut into a specific length.

Kiss Cut Pieces

Adhesive backed hook and loop pieces that are attached to a roll and only the face material is cut and each cut piece abuts the next.


Flame resistant material developed by DuPont.

Fire Retardant

Woven hook and loop with fire retardant properties for use in applications in which certification to industry specifications is necessary including automotive.

Polyester/Nylon (Standard)

Woven hook and loop comprised of a nylon and polyester blend.
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